The following is my artist statement for The Stations of the Cross series which was commissioned by St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Springdale, AR:
The Passion and execution of Jesus are subjects which artists throughout the ages have depicted in many varied forms and media.  My intention with this project was to make a very old subject fresh, so that today's audience can connect with it anew.  Therefore, I have intentionally stayed away from traditional imagery.  I have taken the action out of its historical setting and have isolated the central figure, unless the Station represented specifically names or implies the presence of another person.  I have done this for two reasons:  First, so that the viewer can imagine Christ's persecution outside of Jerusalem circa 33 A.D., and second, to accentuate the humiliation and lonliness that He must have felt during the march to His death.  I have replaced the setting with bold blocks of color.  These are colors that can be found in the stained glass windows of the building, the rose window above the altar, and the vestments with which we decorate the Table throughout the liturgical year.  The boldness of these representations may be jarring to some, but it is with the utmost carefullness that I have chosen each pose.  One of the primary purposes of art is to challenge the viewer; and, if I have done my job properly, the viewer will experience both beauty and food for meditative reflection.   It is my sincere hope that whomever is walking the Way of the Cross may personally and individually identify with the suffering of Jesus, and know that whatever pain, injustice and humiliation we may suffer, Christ has felt it before us.